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Web Jargon Explained!

Seen a phrase you're not sure about? Use our jargon buster to learn more. Just click on the words below!

Domain Name | Hosting | Keyword | Pay Per Click | PPC | Search Engine Optimisation | SEO | URL

Domain Name: The web address for your website. A domain name must be registered in order for your website to be located. E.g. Top Of Page

Hosting: Every website uses a host to hold all of the files required to create a website. A host is a server that contains the web pages, images, flash files and scripts that make up a website. The domain name will be assigned an IP address linked to the server that holds the files for your website. Top Of Page

Keyword: A keyword is a phrase that may be used to locate your website. Keywords are used in Search Engines like Google and Yahoo to find websites that are relevant to their search. An example might be the keyword 'limos in bridgwater' in order to find a website that contains information about limousines available in the Bridgwater area. Top Of Page

PPC (Pay Per Click): PPC advertising is a form of online promotion that advertises your website under a 'sponsored links' tab in search engine results pages. PPC offers website owners a quick way of promoting a website and additional visitors to their site. The website owner is billed each time a user clicks on their advert. The adverts may appear in different parts of the page depending on the search engine, but they will be clearly labelled as 'sponsored links' or 'advert links' or a variation on this. The advertiser will make a bid for their place in the results, which is combined with a quality score (A score based on the search engine's assessment of your website quality) that determines your final ranking position under the 'sponsored links' area. All adverts must follow strict guidelines on how the ad must be structured and will normally take the appearance seen in the image below. For more information on our limo industry PPC service click here.

Sponsored Link Area

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO is a series of techniques and qualities applied to a website that encourages Google and Yahoo to rank your website highly for specific keywords in a search engine's natural (or organic) results area (see image below). For example, a limo operator based in Cardiff would require to be ranked highly for the keyword 'limos in cardiff' as this is a very popular keyword for users trying to find limousine companies in Cardiff. The website would receive a range of SEO techniques for this keyword in order to rank well and be noticed by visitors. Each Search Engine has a different alogorithm that determines website ranking but quality SEO techniques should enable a website to be ranked well in all Search Engines. Our dedicated limousine website SEO services can enhance your website's search engine friendliness and drive more traffic and bookings to your site.

Organic Results Area

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Search Engine: Search engines are websites that help users find websites useful to a particular keyword. The most popular search engine site at the moment is Google, followed by Yahoo, MSN and Lycos. Getting a good ranking in Search Engines like Google is crucial to driving traffic (and business) to website owners. Top Of Page

URL: A Uniform Resource Locator is commonly referred to as a web address or domain name. Top Of Page

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